MariKa Artist

Borned and raised in a family of artists in Boulogne-sur-mer, MariKa has evolved in an artistic universe and has always received encouragements from her relatives to pursue in that way.

She studied in Boulogne-sur-mer School of Fine Arts from 1983 to 1990. She mainly worked in her father’s studio –who was always available for her and taught her – at the age of only 8 – the art of perspectives. She obtained a literary baccalaureate, choosing fine arts as an elective.

She grew up and studied in the Nord Pas de Calais before leaving for Britain at the age of 20 – where she was to spend a year and stayed for 10! Her inspiration comes from the numerous trips she had the opportunity to take. She is close to nature, and yet truly fascinated by big cities and skyscrapers, and never leaves her house without a notebook and a camera.

She is strongly influenced by artists whom she describes as colorful, original, poetic and eager to succeed through hard work, talent, and experimentations.

She is the guardian of the Rafistolés – characters patched up with bits and bobs. She takes a sheer pleasure in awakening our feelings through her drawings, paintings or sculptures which all convey an unconditional zest for life.

Born on October 10th 1972 in Boulogne sur Mer
Attended School of Fine Arts of Boulogne sur Mer from 1983 to 1990
High school diploma degree in Fine Arts – 1990
Fluent in English

Painting – Drawing -Murals - Modeling - Art of Recycling

Festical ECCHO Saint Amand Les Eaux Septembre 2021

Réalisation d’une fresque de 120 m²

Saint Etienne au Mont, Rue Jules Ferry

Réalisation d’une fresque murale 60m²


Réalisation d’une fresque murale 20m²

Maës Centre in Boulogne sur Mer - February 2021

Creation of a wall fresco

Bucaille School in Boulogne sur Mer from January to June 2021

Rafistolés workshops
Creation  of a wall fresco
3D Rafistolés Recycling’Art workshops

Langevin Secondary School in Boulogne sur Mer - January 2021

Creation of 2 wall frescos with Year 9-10 students

International Street Art Festival of Boulogne sur Mer - from July - August 2020

Creation of a 124000,248 square inches mural fresco
MariKa’s pebbles, 40 pebbles and a treasure hunt around plots involving the historical sites of Boulogne-sur-Mer

Samer Specialist Care Home from September to December 2019

Creation of 10 works over the Rafistolés and the Phobiks characters
Creation of a mural

Devres City Hall from 2018 to 2019

Drawing Illustrations Workshop for families – Recycling’Art workshops

Press & Reports (Book available)

Arts practice, 4 pages report *February 2020
BFMTV *August 2020
France 3 Hauts de France *August 2020
France 3 Région *September and December 2020
France 3 Vous êtes Formidable *October 2020


Exhibitions (Non-exhaustive list)

-Dunkirk Warehouse Gallery, *from March to April 2013
-Samer Fleeting Gallery *December 2013
-Wimereux Seawall Gallery *May 2014
-Artists residence Devres Arts Workshops *from January to February 2015
-Marseille Sébastopol Gallery * September 2015
-Artists residence Desvres Arts Workshops *from March to April 2016
-Marquise Mollack Castle Gallery *from September to October 2016
-Argentan Gallery * from November to December 2016
-Partouche Casino Gallery of Boulogne sur Mer * from October to November 2017
-Phoenix cultural centre of Outreau * June 2018
-Escoffier exhibition of Hardelot *July 2018
-Desvres Office for Culture *from November 2018 to January 2019
-Le Bouillon Bar in Boulogne sur Mer * from February to July 2020

-Lumb’Rock festival *May 2013
-Salon des Arts of Caudry *September 2013
-Salon des Arts of Calais *October 2013
-Festi Art’Barack *June 2015
-Salon des Arts of Etaples *July 2015
-Art through Cap festival *August 2015
-Lumb’Rock festival *2015
-Point de Dép’Art “Special Guest” *2015
-Art through Fields *June 2016
-International Pays de Lumbres au Singulier festival *October 2016
-Art through Woods gallery *September 2017
-Open Circus festival *June 2018
-Workshop 24, Hesdin *September 2018
-Permanent gallery of Meubles Bodart *September 2019
-Arts through Fields virtual gallery *May 2020